Have you dreamed of increasing your power to weight but just can’t reach your goals? Better nutrition will get the job done! Whether you’re losing a few pounds or just want to be faster on the bike and healthier in general, this custom nutrition coaching package is for you.

As the world of endurance athletes grows larger and the level of competition increases, so does the need for fine tuning the athletes nutrition. Endurance athletes tend to undervalue the need for proper nutrition as they train and compete. Many athletes think because they are “fit” that they are eating correctly, but little do they know, that by hiring a PCG nutrition coach they can increase their power and performance during training and ultimately at their big event.  For those training with a few extra pounds, a focused training diet, will be  a game changer! Even losing 10 lbs., using a PCG custom diet plan, you will see amazing results in your racing and training.


INITIAL ASSESSMENT – Each athlete will receive an in-depth assessment to find out where they currently stand with training and nutrition and what their future goals are.

CUSTOM TRAINING PLANS – The training plan you receive will be tailored to fit your everyday nutritional needs, before, during, and after training and competition.

VARIETY & OPTION – Each plan will offer a variety of meal and snack options and custom recipes.

REVIEWS & ADJUSTMENTS – Will be made when needed to best fit your current needs.

DAILY EMAILS – From Training Peaks that will contain your meals and snacks for the day.